Competitions, memories and legends.

Earlier this week, the FMB world tour schedule came out, and joy of joys the Red Bull Rampage is back on the list. Looking at it though reminded me of another contest. Specifically the Mount 7 Psychosis.

For those of you that don’t know (or have joined the sport relatively recently), the Psychosis was an annual race held at Mount 7. Considered to be one of the gnarliest downhill races in the world, it course featured lines of pure silt, massive road gaps, and a hike-a-bike in the middle. The race took World Cup level riders nearly 13 minutes to complete the entire run.

I was watching footage of the 2008 edition of the race the other day, and I got thinking about races that no longer run. Personally, I think its rather sad that races fold. Our sport is one that has it’s roots in competition, in racing. To lose such an iconic race is unfortunate, but to have it fade from memory is even more tragic

Perhaps then it is the responsibility of the older generations to keep those stories alive, and immortalize the legends. How often do we hear others wax poetic about a Superbowl, or a playoff series? As mountain bikers, we need to make sure that races and other big moments are remembered. If asked, how many can recall Cam Zink’s massive 360 off the Oakley Sender in the 2010 Rampage? How about Ben Boyko’s 360 at CrankWorx 3 years earlier?

Time has a nasty habit of washing away memories. As mountain bikers, I hope that we can preserve some of them, so that future generations can look back and see where we have come from, both as a culture and as a sport.


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