The off-season

The off-season is quite possibly the worst time of year for anyone passionate about a certain sport. It’s what drives people to play golf, or watch poker on television. For me, the off season is particularly cruel, as Ontario winters turn the trails to mush, and leaves both bike and rider caked in a mixture of mud, grime, and slush.

I’ve tried filling that bike-shaped hole in my life with a variety of activities; snowboarding, swimming, video games, baking cupcakes, and so on. But nothing seems to scratch that particular itch as well as a spin on the “Psychosis bike.”

In any case, I caught myself watching From the Inside Out for the umpteenth time while pedalling away on my trainer-bound bicycle in the basement. Then it hit me: what am I doing inside, when there’s a perfectly good park not 5 minutes from my house.

25 minutes and 4 layers later, I was rolling through some pristine green space, listening to the crunch of snow under my tires. It was simply divine.

There was no expert-level winter riding gear involved. I didn’t have the latest in gore-tex technology shielding me from the cold. It was simply a case of dressing for the weather, putting on a particularly thick pair of socks, and giving it the old college try.

The moral of the story is this: the off-season doesn’t have to suck as much as you think it does. Sometimes, all it takes is some good thermal underwear.


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