About Matthew Lee

Hello and welcome to my little monochrome corner of the internet. This blog is a collection of my online clippings, as well as an outlet for my various thoughts on the cycling industry, and occasionally life in general.

As for the usual personal information, I’ve completed a Bachelors of Journalism at Carleton University  and a Certificate in Magazine Publishing from Capilano University. Currently I reside in Victoria, BC, and work primarily on both Vancouver Island and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

I work as a Content Curator for NSMB.com, a North Vancouver based mountain biking e-magazine, and focus on outdoor freelance projects for both print and web-based publications.

My past clients include The Huffington Post, MyDailyCap, The Charlatan, Centretown News, Midweek, RidingFeelsGood.com, CanCulture.ca, the University of Waterloo Equestrian Team, The Ontario University Equestrian Association, and The Youth Advocacy Training Institute.

I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to ply my trade, so if you’re in need of a wordsmith do drop me a line.

E-mail: lee.matthew.thomas@gmail.com


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